Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Watercolor Fun!

This week the older class started off making suncatchers. They were very interested in peeling off the tissue paper after gluing it down and seemed focused on the sensory aspect of their artwork over the design- which is probably why they requested clay again for the next class! After suncatchers they moved on to watercolor painting with various brushes and tools.

This week the toddler classes worked on watercolor and oil pastel resists. They began by first drawing with oil pastels on the watercolor paper.

After a while I brought out the liquid watercolor paints for them to add to their drawings. Soon, the children were bringing various tools and materials to the table to use with the paint. The new foam shapes and glue were a big hit!
Kirsten takes a snack break as she watches Austin experiment with a necklace.

On the easels, the children painted over a large paper decorated with foam stickers. Once the paintings are dry, we will peel off the stickers to see what's underneath!

Towards the end of class we brought the watercolor spray bottles outside for a different style of painting.

See you next week!

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