Thursday, January 28, 2010


For the third class in this 4 week session, we're learning about monoprints. Valentines Day is coming up so I decided that we could make use of our prints by turning them into cards.
Each child was given a small acrylic box frame as a base. They started off painting it with a brush and we made our first prints with these brush strokes as the positive space on the card.

Then they used the rollers to cover the surface completely and drew a design into the paint with cotton swabs (I got this idea from a truly inspiring blog called The Artful Parent).

Their drawings became the negative space in the design.

Kirsten was more interested in the easels today, so she took her brushes and paint and moved to a new workspace.

Karuna promptly joined her.

Our next printing exploration was with bubble wrap. I taped it to the table and gave the kids a few more paints.

Then we used the same printing process to make cards with bubble prints. Once the bubble wrap was covered in paint, we pressed the cards down into the design, gently rubbed the back with our hands, and then slowly peeled it away.

Kirsten and Karuna collaborated well and continued to move between the easels and table.

Kate and Grace sat at the table (for an entire hour) hard at work on their paintings.

It was a treat to clean up (and check out the garden) in the warm morning sun.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Easels and Brushes

We had our mixed-age group back for their second class this week- exploring brush painting. They started off on the easels with round brushes and rollers.

My assistant Karuna offers Hanna a roller (notice her blue hands)

Then I began adding other brushes such as large flat ones, or these ones that look like toothbrushes!

Here Jordan is checking out Liam's painting while he tells her about it

Meanwhile Clark and Karuna test out other surfaces to paint on

After easel painting, we moved to the table to paint on canvas boards.

Of course the trucks and necklaces had to come back!

When Jordan said she was done with painting I offered her the glitter- that kept her going for a while!

The sun came out this afternoon and we were able to clean up outside. The kids all wanted to help carry the tools and brushes out to the water.

Thanks for the help!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brush Painting

Our third group was back today for another paint extravaganza! The second class in the 4 week session is all about painting with brushes. I started the kids off at the easels with thick round brushes and a paint cup. This group was really interested in wandering around to all of the other easels and trading paint. They weren't particularly interested in painting on the easels, but rather on painting other surfaces such as the floor or the tablecloth. Although when I brought out the rollers and larger brushes, there were some moments of easel painting. I love to see how children choose to explore the materials in different ways!

The easels were short-lived and soon it was time for some work at the table. I set out canvas boards for each child and added more brushes for them to use.

After a little experimentation with the brushes, I brought over the cars and necklaces from last week. They are always a hit.

After painting, the kids began to check out the goodies on the shelf.
Here is Austin with the jar of colored pom-poms that he brought back to the table.

We ended class with some water play and chalk board drawing

Rogan's face says it all... (I'm not sure what his face is saying, but maybe there's a little bit of a proud artist in there)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Finger Painting With a New Group

Our third art group has finally begun! This group came right in and sat down, ready to get started. Of course, when they first touched the paint, they looked a little reluctant to dive in.

Well, most of them anyway...

Then they eyed my spoons (used for doling out the paint) and the finger painting moved into texture painting right away.

The toy cars were a big hit today

Austin and Karuna began to move around the room, making collaborative easel paintings

Meanwhile, Logan and Rogan were still hard at work on their texture paintings

Logan then collected as many cars and brushes that he could carry, and began to explore the studio.

What a day!