Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brush Painting

Our third group was back today for another paint extravaganza! The second class in the 4 week session is all about painting with brushes. I started the kids off at the easels with thick round brushes and a paint cup. This group was really interested in wandering around to all of the other easels and trading paint. They weren't particularly interested in painting on the easels, but rather on painting other surfaces such as the floor or the tablecloth. Although when I brought out the rollers and larger brushes, there were some moments of easel painting. I love to see how children choose to explore the materials in different ways!

The easels were short-lived and soon it was time for some work at the table. I set out canvas boards for each child and added more brushes for them to use.

After a little experimentation with the brushes, I brought over the cars and necklaces from last week. They are always a hit.

After painting, the kids began to check out the goodies on the shelf.
Here is Austin with the jar of colored pom-poms that he brought back to the table.

We ended class with some water play and chalk board drawing

Rogan's face says it all... (I'm not sure what his face is saying, but maybe there's a little bit of a proud artist in there)

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