Thursday, January 14, 2010

Session 1 Begins!

Our first group of session 1 met today. The theme for the 4 week session is: Exploring Paint. We are beginning with the most basic method... finger painting of course! This gives children the opportunity to get to know the qualities of paint with all of their senses (even taste, as a few of them decided to take a bite). Each week the activities will introduce new concepts and techniques of painting.
In the beginning of class the children were a little hesitant to get their hands messy. Here they are with some worried looks!

As class progressed, I added some objects for them to paint with- toy cars, necklaces, combs, sponges...

Collaborative painting at the easel

Grace decided to comb her hair- and ended up with some cool pink highlights!

So glad the sun came out today!

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