Thursday, January 21, 2010

Easels and Brushes

Our first group was back today for some more fun with paint. This week, I started them off at the easels to experiment with some different brushes. We first used thick round brushes dipped in the paint cups.

Then I added paint trays with rollers.

And finally, I offered them sponge brushes to dip in the paint trays.

Pretty soon the kids began to wander over to the table, looking for something else to work on. So I set out paper and a few more brushes (this time, small flat brushes) for them to use.

Kate wasn't in class last week, so she was just as hesitant as the others on their first day. I thought she might like to start off with the toy cars and necklaces from our texture painting- and maybe even a little shaker of glitter :)

Kirsten wandered over to the shelf and began to pick out some very interesting objects to work with... wow, colored pom-poms, Styrofoam peanuts, and feathers!

And of course everyone else wanted to work with the colored pom-poms.
Here, Karuna is painting the pom-pom

Time to clean up- What great helpers!

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  1. My favorite painting of my daughter's is madecwith pom poms. Pom poms rock. Even my 9 month old likes to play with them. Just foundvyou blog through the Artful Parent. I am reading through you posts and following along as you start band run your studio. It is something that maybe I'll do one day. But first I will try to startba home art group. Thanks for the inspiration!