Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Easels and Brushes

We had our mixed-age group back for their second class this week- exploring brush painting. They started off on the easels with round brushes and rollers.

My assistant Karuna offers Hanna a roller (notice her blue hands)

Then I began adding other brushes such as large flat ones, or these ones that look like toothbrushes!

Here Jordan is checking out Liam's painting while he tells her about it

Meanwhile Clark and Karuna test out other surfaces to paint on

After easel painting, we moved to the table to paint on canvas boards.

Of course the trucks and necklaces had to come back!

When Jordan said she was done with painting I offered her the glitter- that kept her going for a while!

The sun came out this afternoon and we were able to clean up outside. The kids all wanted to help carry the tools and brushes out to the water.

Thanks for the help!

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