Monday, August 23, 2010


For our last day of the summer session, I introduced stamp printing. We began by using the stamps that the children made last week, a plate of paint, and a roller. Each child chose their own paint color and used the roller to cover the design of the stamp.

Once the stamps were fully coated, the children pressed them down onto the paper to make a print.

After experimenting with their original stamps, I brought out fruit and veggie stamps that I made by slicing each one in half to create a flat surface. The mushrooms made the most noticable prints, but the children still had fun trying out the potatoes, bell peppers, squash, apples, rubarb, and carrots.
As another form of stamping, I offered the children "dot" paint bottles to create circle stamps. At times the stamping sounded like a drum circle!

The children are getting to know the studio much better and feel comfortable going to the shelf to collect new items and tools to work with.

Interaction and collaboration between the kids is really what makes these classes so special!
Thanks for a wonderful summer session. See you in the Fall!

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