Thursday, December 2, 2010

1s Dot painting and Bead Collage

For our last 1s class of the session, we started off exploring the dot paints (watered down tempera paint in sponged-tipped bottles). The kids enjoyed being able to bang the bottles onto the paper to create a series of dots. The banging can begin to sound rhythmic like a drum!
We welcomed a new friend, Aiden, to join us for our last class.

Mia and Aly were checking out each others work... or maybe they were plotting to swap colors.
After a little while of dot painting, I brought out some beads and colored glue to the table. While the older classes worked on beading with wire and cord, I decided for the 1s group to introduce the beads with glue and paper- a little more up their ally.

I placed a few of the materials that the children have worked with this session on the shelves so that the kids could access them independently. This included tools, brushes, oil pastels, markers, glitter, and glue. I was excited when the kids noticed the materials and brought them back to the table and easels to use.

Due to the rain, we couldn't go outside for our last 15 minutes so I set up a bin of foam paint and gave the children powdered tempera paint to mix into the foam. Then I offered them squeeze bottles of colored water to continue the exploration.
Of course the water was the best part, so I brought out a tub of warm water to use for washing up and more exploration.

See you next session... It has been such a pleasure exploring art and getting messy with your children! Happy Holidays!


  1. How old are your toddlers? I would like to try the spray bottle painting with my 19 month old.

  2. Some 19-month-olds are able to control the spray bottle themselves, but most of them begin to really master it sometime between 22-24 months. Give it a try!

  3. I love the bead stringing art. What do you use to keep it solid on the block?

    I have an award for you:

  4. Thanks for the award Jessie! I'm not sure what you mean by your question about the block. I hammered a nail halfway into the block and wrapped a wire around it to attach it to the block. When the children were finished beading, I wrapped the loose end of the wire around another nail in the block to finish it off. Is that what you were asking about?