Saturday, January 22, 2011

1s Fabric and Sand Collage

For the second week of the 1s class the children explored collage through glue and fabric. At this age, the focus is mostly on learning how to squeeze the glue- which is great for fine motor development! Squeezing glue is hard work for little hands, but it is so rewarding when the glue begins to dribble out... especially the colored glue!
After much glue practice, the children found new items to add to their collage. They especially enjoyed scooping colored sand and dumping it onto their collages. When the sand dries in the glue, it creates a rough texture to compliment the smooth fabric.

The joy of learning from an older child!
The weather has been warming up, which makes for great water/wash up time at the end of class!


  1. Me gusta muchísimo todo lo que hacéis, las fotos, ver a esos niños disfrutar. Tienes un blog precioso, me encantaría un epacio así para mis hijos. Felicidades

  2. Muchas Gracias Marta! Tambien me gusta mucho que haces con los ninos en tu escuela.

  3. The kids are sooooo cute! They're really enjoying and having fun of what they're doing. Super super like it! Designer fabric