Monday, August 29, 2011

A Little Research Project

The Make+Believe Shop will be launching soon! I just finished ordering all of our products and decided that that I'd share some interesting information. There are a lot of products out there to choose from and I wanted to make sure that I was picking high quality items that are also true to their advertising. If a paint says "washable," is it too much to expect it to actually be washable?? As a parent, I've experienced first hand what it's like when I let my daughter finger paint with "washable" paints, only to find out after doing the laundry that her yellow dress is now practically tie-died with blue and red stains. I'm all about getting messy and don't even mind stained clothes, but I do mind when a product boldly pronounces itself to be washable when it clearly isn't.
So here is a little research I did while choosing children's "washable" tempera paint to sell in my shop.
After narrowing it down to two brands, I did a swatch test and painted red and blue from each brand onto pieces of white cotton. Paint A has better colors, closer to true red and blue which is good for color mixing (but the blue also had a strong chemical smell that turned me off). Both paints are clearly labeled "washable" on the front of the bottles. I let them dry, then threw them into the washing machine with cold water and regular detergent. Here are the results...
So it looks like there is a clear winner! You won't find any of "Paint A" in my shop. Paint B is Palmer Washable Poster Paint that will be available in many colors on Make+Believe. If you're looking for brighter, truer pigments we will also have Palmer Prism Tempera paints that are not very washable, but don't claim to be!

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  1. This is great-If I worked at Palmer I would call you write now and thank you. In fact you should send them the link.

    I am ready to Make Beleive!!