Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mixing Paste for Collage

Last week the 1s, 2s, & 3s classes experimented with mixing their own paste for collage work. This project is super fun because it feels like a cooking and art project combined. First they scooped a cup of flour into a mixing bowl, added water, and then tried their best to stir it into a batter-like consistency.
As exciting as the combination of flour and water was, it got even better when the teachers brought out the colorful tempera paint and glitter!
Once the paste was ready, the children scooped it onto their tag board (the 3s class had frames cut from cardboard) and used a variety of scraping tools to spread it around.
Some of the scraping tools were made for children's paint, while others were direct from the hardware store- plastic putty knives and plastic notched trowels for tiling. I love to see how the children learn new things by watching each other!
At times this was a very messy project (and not always the prettiest), but well worth the experience!

After the paste was laid down, the children began to assemble collage items onto their boards.

And onto the window... what ingenuity!


  1. oh wow. That's lots of fun. How long did their art take to dry? So with just flour and water you created this? I love finding art projects that use everyday things. creating art can often be expensive.


  2. Thanks Veronica,
    Yes, the paste was made with flour and water, but the color comes from adding tempera paint. It was really cold when the pieces were drying, so some of them took a couple of days. If the studio had been heated when we weren't there, it would have taken a day or so to dry.
    Thanks again!