Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mask Making

For the past two weeks, the 3s, 4s, and 5s classes have been working on making plaster masks. Each child began with a child-sized plastic face form (older kids can actually use their own faces and have someone else apply the plaster, but preschool-aged kids are still too young for this method). They first dipped strips of plaster bandages into water, then smoothed them out onto their face form. This took a lot of concentration and commitment to cover the entire face, but the kids were super into it! I've used paper mache with this age group and it seems like the plaster bandages were easier (or more appealing) to work with.

After covering the face forms, the masks were left to dry until the next class. The following week, the kids worked on decorating their masks. The teachers, Kory and Jhaya, first helped to cut the eyes or mouths out for anyone who was interested. To decorate their masks, some children began with markers or glue, while others began with paint.
During the first week of mask-making, some of the kids discussed how they wanted to decorate their masks while Jhaya wrote down their ideas. The next week, Jhaya reminded the children what their original ideas were and provided them with specific materials to help them execute their plans.

After adding the final details, the kids decided whether they wanted to add string or a stick to hold up their masks. A few masks were kept as is, but most of the kids were really excited about the idea of actually wearing their masks!
A few of the final pieces... so impressive!


  1. Wow, what a project!! The finished products are beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks! I was excited by how focused the kids were- they really worked hard on these :)

  3. These are wonderful. Megan you amaze me. I've held on to the idea of doing plaster bandage mask making with older kids, it's great to see this done successfully with 3-5 year olds. Thanks for reminding me not to filter out projects because I think they are too advanced. This makes me wonder if kids might have fun making hand casts. I have students every week painting their hands....I wonder if they'd sit still long enough to cast each others hands.....hmmm. FUN!