Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday DIY Gift- Succulent Terrarium

This holiday season, I wanted to come up with a gift for teachers, party hosts, friends, etc. that I could make in multiples without breaking the bank. Inspired by Karen Kimmel's Crafting Community, I decided that mason jar succulent terrariums would be perfect!
As I began creating my first jar, Karuna (my 4 yr old), asked if she could make one too. Of course, why didn't I think of that! These little layered terrariums are super easy for kids to make on their own. They always come out beautiful, which make them the perfect kids' crafting gift for family, friends, and especially teachers.
Small succulent (garden store)
Mason jar (pack of 12 from General store, hardware store or Bed Bath & Beyond)
Decorative rocks (from garden store and/or pet store. The blue rocks are for fish tanks!)
Moss (from garden store)
Colored sand (from craft store)
Dirt (from yard or garden store)
1)Layer the rocks, moss, sand and dirt into the jar any way you want!
2)Put some dirt at the top and make a little hole to pop in the succulent roots.
3)Scatter decorative items on top if you want and drizzle a bit of water over the top.
For a gift tag, wrap some twine around the top and tie on a tag. Easy Peasy!

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