Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Crafting Party- For Moms!

As we prepare to launch the new Art Pantry website, we decided to hold a focus group for a few local mamas to get some feedback. With Valentines day coming up, we had the perfect excuse to get everyone's creative juices flowing. I set up some materials with a couple of cute sample themes and let them go to town, hoping that it would inspire them to offer their kids the same creative freedom for their Valentines.
With some basic supplies and a little effort, kids can create one-of-a-kind cuties that will fill the hearts of their peers! Well, maybe not quite as much as a box of candy, but still- friends will be impressed.
Here's some of the tools and materials that we used, but you can make a Valentine out of a scrap of paper and a marker if that's all you have!
This "you're sew..." card was a hit with the ladies, but the sample below was done by Karuna (my 4 yr old). I traced a heart with pencil, then I hole punched around it before giving it to her to sew with yarn and a plastic child's needle. Older children can poke holes with a thumb tack and use an embroidery needle to pull the yarn though.
I didn't feel right doing only red and pink heart valentines for moms with boys (and not so girly-girls), so this was my idea of an easy alternative.
At the end of the night, the moms left with a goodie bag to take home to their kids. If we inspired even one mom to facilitate handmade Valentines this year rather than buying them, I've done my job :)

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