Friday, April 26, 2013

The Journey So Far & Where it is Going

Dear friends,
I first want to thank you all for your continued support throughout the many forms this work has taken. Many of you first found this blog through The Littlest Birds Studio. As the business grew, it eventually morphed into the Make+Believe studio, blog, and shop. After having my second child and selling the studio portion of the business, I made the important decision to re-brand yet again. Maybe this wasn't the most convenient decision, but it was a solid decision and part of the learning curve during these self-taught business school years. And now...
Welcome to The Art Pantry!
I'm truly excited to continue this journey to bring more creativity into your children's lives. I'm also thrilled to announce that Stacey Silver has joined on as co-founder of The Art Pantry. She comes from a museum background and brings a unique perspective to our vision. 

Stacey (left) and me being silly with our families
The Art Pantry is your online shop and creative resource for children's art supplies. Our goal is to help parents create a dedicated art space (even if it’s just a drawer or small container) that is organized and filled with quality supplies. This "art pantry" then becomes a child's workshop, where they can access tools and materials to work through ideas, tinker, discover, solve problems, learn techniques, and create anything they can imagine.

What makes The Art Pantry unique?
As art professionals, teachers, and moms, we are passionate about selecting quality products that meet our high standards and that kids will love. We carry an assortment of children’s art supplies including pantry essentials and unique crafting kits for children ages 0-12. We'll also be bringing you tools and tips on how to create your own art pantry and how to keep your children engaged in the creative process.
So check out our shop, stock up your art pantry, and tell your friends. We are celebrating our launch with a special offer of 20% off your entire purchase. Just enter code launch20 at checkout. 

We look forward to the journey ahead and hope you'll join us.
With thanks,
Megan and Stacey

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