Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finger Painting

We began the new session with finger and object painting- a fun activity for a rainy afternoon! I offered each child a bowl of paint and a spoon to get started. Some were eager to get their hands messy, while others first used the spoon to begin their paintings. I slowly added tools for the children to paint with- such as interesting brushes, combs, and necklaces.

Eventually, the toy cars came out- as always, they were a hit with everyone!

As the paintings progressed, the children got more into the sensory experience of the paint.

Jason uses his paint-covered hands to make prints at the easel.
Jordan focuses on her brush painting at the easel.
Jessica and Karuna came up with the idea of painting the wall and then washing it off with a wet towel- It seemed that cleaning the wall was just as fun as painting it!
Anna continues to work at the table with the necklaces and paint.
Karuna showed Jason how to make a monoprint on the acrylic easel by rubbing a piece of paper onto the paint and then peeling it up.
Jessica was soon making monoprints as well.
Collaborative painting and making new friends!

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