Monday, April 5, 2010

Painting 101

We started off our spring session with Painting 101... painting with fingers, spoons, toy cars, necklaces, and other fun objects. This is an exciting way to introduce our new student, Lucia, to the painting process.Richie immediately gravitates to the cars, while Karuna is all about the finger painting!.

The various brushes and objects available create interesting lines in the paint.

After a little while, the children began to move around the studio, trading places at the table and working on the easels.

The addition of glitter to the table brought them back to work more on their paintings. Glitter sure has a way of getting children's attention!

After class we cleaned up at the water table outside, which provided more interesting exploration!

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  1. Dear Megan,

    Thank you for running this blog as it gives other mummies lots of ideas how to bring their little ones in a creative way! Together with our little daughter we also paint much and each time try to invent something new. For example, that is how we painted one of these days:

    Painting with Children: from wipes to shaving foam

    But the idea to paint with toy cars has never come to me before. But we will definitely try (I just need to visit the store to buy some :) ).

    By the way, I am Soniya’s mum and it was very nice to meet you in the Internet! We received the envelope from Karuna a week ago but it took me some time to look through your blog. I really admire the way how you organized a studio and are running classes now! It brings so much to Karuna’s development!

    As for us, I also organize children’s meetings. But not on such a regular basis. Just when circumstances allow (the children are healthy, the mummies are not busy with anything else). We invite the kids of our friends and Soniya happens to be the youngest among them. So, each time I try to think of some art or craft that can be interesting for her and the elder kids (5,5 yrs). All our meetings are described in our blog. Here is an example of one of the meetings:

    New Year in Different Countries, or How to Remind Children about the Significance of Gifts

    Yesterday Soniya and I have sent some pictures and other things to Karuna. Hope it’ll come soon.

    I am looking forward to more articles in your blog! Ours (together with one more mum) is

    Take care and let’s stay in touch!