Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finger Painting with Grandma!

Over the weekend, I held a special art class for tots and their grandmothers. Karuna's Grandma (my mom) organized this class with some of her friends so they could enjoy a messy art experience with their grandchildren.
Here, Karuna and Grandma wait outside for the others to arrive.As an introduction to the studio, I started the kids off with finger painting as I do with all new students.
Eero was a little reluctant at first to get his fingers in there.
Ofelio, on the other hand, just dove right in!

After a little experimentation with our fingers, I brought out some toy cars, necklaces, and brushes to use with the paint.

Pretty soon, the kids discovered the easels and began to move around the studio.

Beatrice learned how to make a monoprint of her painting on the acrylic easel.
Anna got exited about printmaking too!

Clean-up time becomes a whole new activity when you add squirt bottles and cups!

We ended the morning with yummy snacks under the shade...
and of course a little more playing around the yard.


  1. Hello! I love your blog, and I admire your work. I'm looking for a new easel for my family, and yours looks like they could use it independently. Where is it from?

  2. Hi! The shorter easel is from Ikea, but I cut the legs down so that it would be a good height for young toddlers. The taller easel is an adjustable easel by Melissa and Doug (it is currently set at the shortest level). Hope you find one that works well for you!