Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Session- Finger/Texture Painting

It's a new session with some new faces, so I decided to revisit the basics... toddler painting 101. We started off scooping paint with a spoon and using our hands to smear it around the paper. Then I brought out a variety of tools and objects to paint with- such as toy cars, necklaces, and combs. This is a great way to introduce tempera paint (the texture, colors, and movement) as well as the concept of process-oriented art. The kids learn that the studio is a place for messy exploration and creative fun!

After a while, the children began collecting different materials from the shelf. Interesting brushes, rollers, and glitter made their way back to the table- along with our new squeeze paint bottles.

The children eventually wandered over to the easels which were set up with brushes, whisks, and scrubbers.

After lots of messy work, each class moved outside to continue their exploration of squeezing, scooping and pouring.

See you next week!

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  1. Oh, my goodness...what an ideal day for a young child! Looks like so much fun. They have such creative little minds...and I love how you let them thoroughly explore the medium, without getting involved, or asking them to pose with their art, but take photos of them enjoying the process!!!