Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clay for 2s and 3s

For the first few weeks of a session, I like to keep the projects very sensory-based and experimental. This way, the children can get to know the materials and the open-ended style of the class before they learn new art techniques. Along with tempera finger painting, clay is a great medium for this type of introduction. I began by cutting each child a slab of clay from my block (they watched how I used a wire to cut through the moist clay). Initially, I offered the children only a few materials to work with, such as rollers, and modeling tools so they could really focus on the clay. Eventually, I began to add new tools to the table.After working with the clay for a bit, I explain to the kids that clay can dry out as they are working with it and that it's helpful to use a little water and sponge to re-moisten the clay. Of course using a "little" water is just a suggestion. Most of the time, the children want to use the squeeze bottles to add much more than just a little water!

The children began to collect new materials to use with their clay: paints, glitter, toy cars, and even collage materials.

This week the children got more into using the acrylic easel as they moved around the studio.

As Kirsten scratched into her painting with a cotton swab, she said "look I made a design!" Then she used a piece of paper to make a print.

Atticus found a new way to use the Corian samples on the shelf.

An impromptu apple party after class!

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