Sunday, October 10, 2010

New 2s class and Fingerpainting

I'm excited to have added a new 2s class this session! We began last week with sensory-based finger and texture painting as I do with all of my classes. For this project we started with glossy fingerpaint paper, bowls of tempera paint, and spoons. The children scooped the paint onto their paper and began their painting process. Some children dunked their fingers right in, and others preferred to use the spoon to initially move the paint around.
After a few minutes of finger and spoon painting, I offered the children a variety of tools. Before introducing brushes, I like to offer household items such as combs, necklaces, or toy cars. For young children, this is a more intrinsic way to begin paint exploration and it also creates interesting textures and marks on the paper.

Eventually I brought out glitter for the children to shake on their paintings. Colorful sparkles are always exciting!
As the children got more comfortable in the studio, they began to move around, checking out the easels and materials on the shelf.

After lots of messy exploration, we moved outside to wash up in the water table.
Thanks for a great start to a new class!

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