Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Collage and Marbles

This week the newer 2s class explored colored glue and collage bits. I offered the children their clay work from last week as well as a large piece of tag board to use as a base. Although the collage materials are intriguing, the act of squeezing glue is always the best part! And when you add color to the glue... even better!

The children remained focused for a while on their collages- sometimes moving to the easels for a break and then returning to the table to continue their work.
Towards the end of class, I brought out trays, paint, and marbles to expand on the ball paintings (golf and large balls) from last week. After doing this project in other classes, I noticed that the children really enjoy the difference of having lots of small balls rather than one or two large balls. Or maybe it's the clanking noise that the glass marbles make! Scooping and pouring the marbles is also very exciting!

So much orange- just in time for Halloween!

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