Monday, November 1, 2010

Watercolors and Foam Paint

For the 1s class this week we explored painting with liquid watercolors. Each child started off with two colors of paint, a brush, and watercolor paper. They curiously dipped their brushes in the jars and then watched how the paint ran and swirled around the paper (unlike the tempera paint they have been using).

After a bit of exploration, I began to slowly introduce new materials such as coffee filters, glitter, and new colors of paint. Coffee filters are fun to paint on with watercolor because they soak up the paint and create a tie-dye effect. Once the children realized that they could pour the paints, they were quite content focusing on pouring and didn't care much about the filters! This is why the trays come in handy :)

After a while of pouring and painting, I brought out a new medium to use with the watercolors... foam paint! I usually use whipped cream for this project, but it is pretty greasy so I decided to experiment with Colorations foam paint this time (it has the same texture and properties as shaving cream without the toxic fumes). Mia was really into this sensory activity, while Aly and Electra preferred to stick with the watercolors.
As the kids moved around and explored the studio, I brought out a bucket of warm water for washing up (and more pouring of course!).

Towards the end of class Karuna (who hangs with Grandma during this class) came to the window to check out the scene.
She was welcomed by the kids and came in to help them pour.

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