Thursday, November 4, 2010

Building Sculptures with Wood and Recycled Items

This week the 2s and 3s classes worked on sculpture building with wood scraps and recycled objects. The children started off with a thick poster board base and white glue. On the table were two types of trays- one with wood scraps and another with recycled items such as old toy parts, containers, and CDs. We observed the shapes of the objects and how they can stand up in various ways and stack on top of each other.

Some of the children were not sure about stacking and building with the large items, so I brought out the colored glue and glitter to make it a little more interesting!

The children were very interested in easel painting this week, working alone as well as in pairs.

After moving to the easels and shelf, the kids brought back paint and various items to the table to use with their sculptures.

Towards the end of class, I brought out a new medium for the kids to experiment with... Bioputty. To make the putty, we used Biocolor paints and a Bioputty solution (both are non-toxic children's art supplies) and mixed them together. We got to see how combining these two special liquids could create a solid.

Here is what the putty looked like in it's gooey stage. It is a very sensory-based medium to work with, but can definitely get a little messy!
In the 3s class, rather than work with the putty, the kids experimented with body painting! They started off painting their nose, then moved on to painting their feet to make footprints.

Washing up in a tub of warm water on a chilly day!

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