Sunday, November 7, 2010

Veggie Prints and Collage

This week the 1s class experimented with veggie print making. I cut a variety of vegetables (and an apple) in half to create a flat surface. The children were each given a plate of paint and a large paper to stamp out their veggie prints. The veggies were an interesting addition to tempera painting for the kids, but they were soon looking for something else to work with. I decided to try out the colored glue to give them a chance at squeezing. This proved to be very exciting, especially when I added bits of collage materials to the table!

Mia's older sister, Sasha, joined us for class and worked on her sculpture project from the 3s class.
Electra and Mia worked with the glue and collage materials for a while. Scooping the small collage bits out of the large bin was very exciting.
Towards the end of class I brought out some trays and golf balls to paint with. The kids each smothered a golf ball in paint, scooped it into their tray, then rolled it around by moving the tray side to side.

The kids are really starting to collaborate more, sharing materials and working together!

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