Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tissue Paper Sculptures and Various Painting Projects

As daylight begins to shorten this time of year, I thought about offering projects that can incorporate the darkness of winter. This week I decided to focus on tissue paper collage sculptures that are fun to play with in the dark! (thanks to The Artful Parent for this great idea) First I created a circlular frame out of wire, then placed it on a sheet of clear contact paper (sticky side up). The children were offered bits of colored tissue paper to create a collage.

The children also decided to add glitter and sequins to their collage!

When the collages were finished, I helped the kids fold over the sides of the contact paper to seal it up, then showed them how they can bend and sculpt the wire into various shapes. I happen to have a flashlight handy in one class, so I showed the kids how to illuminate the sculpture by shining the flashlight through- which is especially fun in the dark!
For the rest of class, the children re-visited their scrap sculptures from the previous week to add paint and more details.

As the children finished up their sculptures, they worked on various projects around the studio.

We even took advantage of the warm weather to finish up class outside.

While we were outside, I introduced "splat paintings." First we soaked pom-poms in watered down paint on a tray...
then we threw them at the easel to create a "splat!"

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