Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Collage Treasure Hunt!

Before beginning our monochromatic collages, we began by going on a "treasure hunt" to find our collage materials. The children each chose a color, then searched around the yard for treasures in their specific color.

When the kids found a color other than their own, they immediately ran to give it to the person looking for that color. What great teamwork!
The 1s class also went on a treasure hunt, but it wasn't limited by color. Most of them were just trying to understand the concept of collecting and keeping the treasure in their baskets!

After our treasure hunt, we returned to the studio to create a collage using glue and our new found materials. I think the treasure hunt helped to get the children excited about using only one color. After the hard work of hunting, they formed a special bond with their color!

 The 1s class used colored glue to add to their colorful collages.

After making our collages, we worked on a variety of projects. Some children squeezed colored glue into plastic tops- which will dry and become translucent window hangings.
Other children worked at the easels...

painted the window...
and some got messy outside with gross motor tools: bouncy bean bags, child-sized mops and a broom!


  1. Thanks for this great post. I'm going to be teaching a toddler/preschool art exploration class at my homeschool coop soon and this is a great project to try!

  2. Thanks, the kids had so much fun! It's also a great way to learn about various shades of the same color.