Monday, May 2, 2011

Flower Fabric Dying and Balloon Painting

It's spring time and beautiful flowers are in bloom! Because flowers have so much color to offer us,  I decided to try out a flower dying technique with the older classes. I gave each child a piece of muslin fabric and a mallet. They chose some flower petals and leaves, placed them on their fabric, folded the fabric over, and pounded away.
As they pounded, the dye began to show through the muslin. When they decided they were finished, they opened it up and peeled off the petals to find their fabric filled with color.
After our fabric dying, we moved on to bigger and messier things... balloon painting! We started off painting with small air-filled balloons (for safety it was important that if any balloons popped, they were thrown away immediately). The kids dipped the balloons in paint and dabbed them on the paper, which created circular swirls of color.

Soon I brought out balloons filled with water for the kids to try out. The water added weight and movement to the balloons and were really fun to squish around!

Things began to get messy and the kids moved around the studio painting at the easels and trying out their balloons in different places.

Some of the water balloons popped and the kids decided that they wanted more water to use in their work.

I recently got some new basters and was excited to have the kids test them out!
So much fun!


  1. You have such great messy posts! Those kids look like they are having a blast! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love all the colorful mess!! The balloon painting is awesome:)