Sunday, June 12, 2011

Printmaking and Open Studio

For the first class of our summer session, we worked on mono-type printmaking and stamping. We started off rolling out paint onto acrylic boxes and then using a cotton swab to draw a design. The mixed-age open studio class used large acrylic boxes as a base, while the 1s/2s class used small boxes to print fathers day cards.

We continued the theme of printmaking by using a variety of stamps. Some children used cookie cutters to stamp out shapes, while others used the letters DAD to add to their fathers day cards.
We also experimented with bubble wrap printmaking. The children painted the bubble wrap (which was taped to the acrylic easel) then pressed paper against it to make a print.
The 1s/2s class moved on to painting with fun tools and gathering new supplies from the shelf.
For the mixed-age class we had a large group of 11 kids, so while some children worked on printmaking inside the studio, others were busy at the five outside stations. These stations included a floor mural with gross-motor tools for painting...

ball painting...

easel painting...
a bleeding tissue mural collage with water spray bottles...

and a mixing table with sand and powered tempera paint.
And of course the studio eventually turned from a print-making station into a messy, fun, free-for-all!

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  1. These little artists are very talented.
    It is wonderful to see art teachers providing choices in art so that everyone can be successful.
    Thanks for sharing their little wonders.