Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Inspired Upcycled Collage

It finally feels like summer around here! After weeks of cold and rain, the summer heat has come around. I decided to celebrate this feeling with a bright, nature shape collage project for the mixed age class. I offered the children a sturdy poster board in a bright, summery yellow as a base. The collage pieces were made with paper shape punchers using scrap paintings that I otherwise would have recycled. Each shape is a beautiful work of art in itself! The children first glued down some butterfly and leaf shapes and then added sequins and glitter for a little pizazz. Some kids were really interested in squeezing a ton of glue on top of the shapes. When the glue dried, we found that the paint from the shape had bled out into the glue, creating swirls of transparent color.

Outside, I had a similar set up as last week (floor mural, easels, mixing table, etc.) with a different kind of water spray project as well as a dot painting table.

The second half of class was an open studio with water play outside and free choice inside.

I love summertime!

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  1. What a graet idea to for using scrap painting! I need to get some shape punchers.