Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gluing Collage and Sculptures

Last week in our art classes, we focused on gluing collages and sculptures. The 1s and 2s classes experimented with collages using an assortment of items and colored glue.

The 1s class was working their fine motor skills just trying to squeeze the glue bottles! I love how this age group is fascinated with what the other kids are doing. They learn so much by watching their peers.

We also experimented with a sticky collage, using clear contact paper and lightweight items. At the end of the week, the collage was full and we hung it in the window!
The 3s/4s classes worked on 3-D collages and sculptures. They were each given a sturdy base, glue, and a variety of natural or recycled objects (sticks, cardboard, wood scraps, old toy parts, etc.).

Some kids enjoyed stacking flat objects or filling their entire base, while others opted to build tall sculptures.
The tricky part was how to make something stand up if it wasn't very sturdy. The kids began to figure out how to stand a piece up by placing other, sturdier items next to it.

 Towards the end of class, some of the kids worked on print-making at the acrylic wall panel. They rolled out paint...
 Drew a picture into the paint with a Q-tip...
 Pressed paper onto their design...
 ...and peeled up their print! This was the perfect introduction to our next project, printed holiday cards!

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