Friday, February 18, 2011

1s Texture Painting

This week the 1s classes worked on texture paintings, similar to the older classes. The new 1s group began by practicing their squeezing skills and squeezed out tempera paint onto their tag board. This is a hard skill to learn at first, but it's a great way to work on fine motor development.
The older 1s (who are returning students) began by squeezing the paint into a mixing bowl that held a variety of thickening ingredients. Some children had sand, others had shredded tissue paper, flour, or coarse salt. After stirring everything together, they scooped the paint onto the tag board to begin their texture paintings.

After squeezing the paint onto the tag board, the new 1s group added their texture (sand and coarse salt) directly onto their paint. Glitter became a favorite additive as well!
Once the children all had thick, textured paint to work with, I offered them various scraping tools or items to move the paint around the paper- paint rollers, cars, sand rakes, combs, and plastic putty knives.

As they moved around the studio, the children began to paint at the easels or find new materials on the shelf. This type of movement and exploration allows young toddlers to take a breather before returning to the table to continue their work

As the children get to know each other, they are beginning work together more and make social connections through art!

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