Sunday, February 20, 2011

Clay Pinch Pots and Messy Exploration

This week we focused on clay. While the new students spent some time getting to know the clay, the returning students were offered a chance to learn a new clay technique. The 2s class started off with a soft, grainy clay (usually used for wheel throwing) which is easy to manipulate for a first clay experience. They held and poked the clay, then used a variety of tools to explore its properties.

As returning students, the 3s/4s class learned a new technique to make "pinch pots." They used a modeling clay that is more firm than the throwing clay, but very smooth. After they formed a small bowl shape, they decorated their pinch pots with rhinestones, buttons, glitter, and paint.

When the children finished their pinch pots, we put them to dry and I offered them new clay to explore with tools and water. Allowing the children to continue investigating clay in an open-ended format is an important part of the learning process.

After some messy clay exploration, I offered the 2s class new materials to incorporate into their clay work (paint, buttons, rhinestones, popsicle sticks, and toothpicks).

It's been a rainy week, so the children gathered around a bucket of water for wash-up time inside the studio.

The finished pinch-pots from the 3s/4s class...

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