Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Making Textured Paint

This week we focused on making our own textured paint. Each child was given a mixing bowl, a spoon, a textured ingredient (sand, sea salt, tissue paper), glue, flour, and a squeeze bottle of watered down tempera paint. They added each ingredient to the bowl and stirred and stirred until it was evenly mixed.

Once a thick paint was formed, each child scooped it out onto a large piece of tag board to begin their texture painting.

To move the paint around the boards, I offered the children a variety of scrapers- craft sticks, sand rakes, plastic putty knives, and plastic notched scrapers (usually used for tile grouting). Using these tools, the children scraped and pushed the paint around, watching the colors mix together to become new colors.

After experimenting with their first batch of textured paint, the children began to add more ingredients to their mix- like glitter, colored glue, more flour, and even collage items.

The thick rough texture of the paint also provided a new type of tactile experience!

In contrast with out thick textured paint, we later moved outside to learn about drip/splatter painting with very watery, thin paint. The children automatically wanted to put the brush to the paper until I demonstrated how holding the brush up high allows for the paint to drip down onto the paper. The older children got really into it, experimenting with different wrist and arm movements.

Jackson Pollocks in the making!

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