Thursday, February 11, 2010


Just in time for Valentines Day!
For the third class in the painting session, we are focusing on printmaking. Valentines day is only a few days away, so we started off with red paint and white cards. Each child was given an acrylic box to paint on, a brush, a roller, and a tray of paint.

Then I offered cotton swabs to draw with on the trays. A cotton swab will take away paint from the surface, creating a design in the paint.
Then we pressed the paper (folded in half to make a card) onto the acrylic box, smoothed it out with our hands, and peeled it up to create a print.

Soon, the kids discovered the bubble wrap on the table and began experimenting with it. They painted it at first with the rollers, but quickly found out how it felt to slide their hands around the wet, slippery bubbles.
I added some bowls of new paint colors to the table. The girls were very interested in making pink and purple.
Here are some of the prints we made from bubble wrap
After printing an array of Valentines cards, I brought out the canvas boards from their previous class for the children to re-visit. They asked for some more tools to work with- the trucks necklaces and glitter of course!

Towards the end of class, Liam asked if he could bring the truck to the easel. Jordan joined him and they watched their painted wheels make tracks up and down the board.
Soon the whole class was driving the trucks up and down the easels!

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