Thursday, February 18, 2010


To finish off our 4 week painting session, we experimented with liquid watercolors. The children were given paint, coffee filters, brushes and droppers to test it out.
The droppers are excellent for developing fine motor skills- and once kids get the hang of them, they can't get enough!
Liam and Hanna use their brushes to explore the vibrant colors.
It was fun having Mason (Clark and Jordan's cousin) here to help out!

After a little while of painting on paper, I brought out a tub of whipped cream- Calling it "foam," amazingly kept them from tasting it! Similar in texture to shaving cream, whipped cream is a great alternative if you want something non-toxic (shaving cream doesn't seem very child- friendly even though preschools and children's art books often use it for sensory projects).
Painting on the whipped cream over the aluminum foil is sooooo interesting!
The kids were interested in squeezing out the paint themselves, so I offered them some watered down paint in different squeeze bottles for them to go at it.
Clark and Mason laugh at the gobs of painted whipped cream splattered on their bodies.

A very colorful mess- how fun!
Towards the end of class I brought out the spray bottles. These kids must have had some spray bottle experience- they were masters at squeezing the trigger.
What a gorgeous day to wash up outside... at 5:30 pm...Is it spring already?

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