Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentines Monoprinting and Toddling

As an introduction to printmaking, we began today's group with monoprinting on acrylic frames. The kids first used the brushes, rollers, and cotton swabs to create the design.

We then laid down a piece of paper onto the design, gently rubbed the back, peeled it up and... viola! A print!

These red and white prints will make great valentines cards!
For a different printing experience I taped large bubble wrap to the table for the kids to paint on.

This is how the bubble print turned out.

After a short time at the table, the kids began to move around the studio.
Sometimes toddlers just want to toddle.

Rogan shows Karuna a necklace he's found on the shelf.

Logan and Austin are intrigued as Elizabeth demonstrates the watercolors that Logan found.

Rogan is checking out his most recent artwork (the yellow strokes on Karuna's head).

What's baby Will thinking about? Could it be brother Austin's new hairdo?

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