Saturday, February 13, 2010

A new paint medium!

After 3 weeks of tempera paint, we're now branching out and exploring liquid watercolors! Grace first tests it out with paint brushes and coffee filters to watch how the paint interacts with the paper.
Rogan tested the paint in various ways- dipping the handle into the paint, and wadding up the paper to soak in the paint cup.
Austin experiments by painting the aluminum foil on the table.
The coffee filters soak up the paint, blending the colors together like tie die!
After paper, I offer the children some whipped cream to paint on.

Some were more willing than others to get a little messy, so I brought out some tools to help them get into it.
At the small easel, I put out the watercolor spray bottles and hung a white sheet to absorb the paint. Logan quickly figures out how to squeeze the trigger.
On the plexiglas easel I hung a thick piece of paper to use with the spay bottles and brushes.
While the others begin to move around the studio, Rogan gets really involved with the whipped cream.
Grace and Austin compare their jars of goodies from the shelf.
Grace washes up while the others continue to spray the room down with watercolors.
Some sweet love for a happy Valentines Day!

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