Sunday, February 21, 2010

A New Session Begins

Our new 4 week session is all about 3-D art. To introduce this concept, we're starting off with collage making. I set up a variety of collage materials on the table for them to explore and taped the white paper underneath so that the materials would be displayed on a neutral background (rather than getting lost in the colorful tablecloth).
Once the children got a chance to check out the materials, I offered them a tray with sparkly glue, a paintbrush, and a piece of heavy paper.

After trying out the brushes, I offered them each a squeeze bottle of glue. Squeezing the bottle is definitely a skill that takes a little practice to master.

Collage is new to the children, so pretty soon they were moving around looking for something more familiar to work on... and they found it!

The freedom they have to move around the studio and explore familiar art helped them to return to their collage work with new enthusiasm.

Karuna decided to make a print of her easel painting by rubbing a piece of paper on top of the paint, then peeling it up.
She repeated this process about 10 times with various colored construction paper. Each time she peeled it off she would say "woooowww", then put it on the shelf to dry and say "another one!"
Here is Grace, still working hard at the easel.
Clean-up time!

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