Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2x Collage

(Due to two absences the first week, I am combining week 1 and 2 of this session into one blog post- scroll down for week 2)
For our first class of the new session we learned about 3-D art through collage making. The materials were placed in bins on the floor for the children to explore and collect. Missing their friends who couldn't make it to class, Austin and Karuna got to work gluing their collages.
As it was their first experience with collage, they decided to promptly move to the easels to paint.
After smearing black paint over her hands, Karuna decided to make hand prints on the floor.
Soon the children were back at the table, adding glitter to their collages.
The squeeze glue and glitter were a hit! Austin and Karuna would squeeze out the glue (with a little help), pour the glitter over the paper, then shake it off and say "hang it up!"
The second week of our 3-D session, we worked on collage making again. Not only did I want Logan to get a chance to work with collage, but Austin and Karuna needed some more time to explore the process as well (we missed you Rogan!).
The collage materials started off on the floor, but Logan thought it would be better for them to be up on the table, closer to their work- what a great idea!
I soon introduced liquid watercolor to the table to get them more interested in the gluing process (it's much more fun when it's colorful!)

While Logan worked hard on squeezing his glue bottle, Karuna and Austin moved to the easels.
Austin began making mono-prints of his painting.
"Hang it up!"
Armed and ready to go...
The end of class turned into a music session, with Karuna leading us in "The Wheels on the Bus."

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