Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Collage- Take 2

For our second week of 3-D art, I decided to re-introduce collage making. Often times toddlers need multiple opportunities to explore a medium in order to feel comfortable working with it.
Last week, this group was given the materials at the table, but they were more interested in moving around the room. So this time, I put the collage items in bins on the floor and gave them cups to use as scoopers. They each brought scoops of materials back to their trays to begin their collages.
Soon after they began their gluing, I brought out liquid watercolors.
Colored glue is so much fun!

I then offered the children the squeeze bottle glue- which their small hands are still trying to master.
And finally the glitter!
I love to watch how the children work together and examine each others artwork.

As the children move around the studio, they experiment with different materials.

Kate and Grace return to the table to continue working on their collages.

Kirsten poses for the camera as she paints directly on the easel.

Karuna takes the opportunity of the paint on the easel to make another print!
After class, we decided to get a group picture- not the easiest task with 1-year-olds!

So sweet!


  1. Oh wow! That is amazing. I love how curious and adventurous they are. And I love how they so naturally and honestly work together on their creations. Mind blowing!