Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last Day of the Session!

On our last day of the session, colorful jars were lined up on the the table inviting the children to paint their sculptures from the previous weeks.Richie arrived first and gathered all of the jars next to his clay sculpture to test out the various colors.
Liam, Jordan, and Karuna first began working on their "found object" sculptures.

Richie decided to add to his sculpture by gluing on items he collected from the shelf.
Jordan and Liam watch closely as they pour the paint onto the pine cones. Although this seems like a waste of paint, it's important to let children experiment with the paint and discover for themselves that they might be using too much. After experiencing what happens when they use so much paint, they will eventually figure out how much they want or need for a particular project.

Pouring the paint proved to be very interesting.
Richie uses the trucks with the paint to make tire tracks on the table.
Jordan works with a comb to scrape the paint towards her, over and over.

Karuna moved to the easel and began making hand prints.

Liam painted the trucks and said, "I'm hiding them."
So much work being done!
Richie and Liam began to roll the cars towards each other, making zooming noises.
Then they moved to the easel with the trucks, making more tracks in the paint.
Karuna joined in the fun, bringing a truck to the other easel with Richie.
Still working hard...
What better way to celebrate the warm weather and our last day of class than with popsicles!

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