Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sculptures with Found Materals

This week the children worked on sculptures using wood scraps and found objects. I gave each child a base of foam board and a glue bottle. The children chose their own materials, which were placed at the center of the table.

Liam began talking about his creation, saying that he was building a rocket ship.

Jordan then said that she was making a castle.
Then Richie said, "I'm making glue!"
Karuna investigates what happens when she squeezes the glue into the cardboard tube.
After a while of experimenting with just the glue, Richie began to add materials to his board.
Liam and Jordan said that they were finished with their sculptures and they moved on to the easels to paint. Soon everyone was up and ready to paint.

Jordan asked if she could paint at the table, so I brought out some more paint and gave everyone paper to work on.

The children began new work in which they combined the sculpture, collage, and painting into one- how creative!
Time to wash up!

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