Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paint, Prints, and Glue

To end our 3-D art session, we focused on painting the clay sculptures we made the week before. I mixed paint in small glass jars and set them out on the table to entice the children. The glass jars not only show off the vibrant paint colors, but they also teach the children that they are competent and worthy of working with quality materials. Toddlers don't usually get the chance to work with heavy, glass jars (for a reason! But these are hard to break on the wood floor).
The children were very focused on painting their sculptures as well as the paper-covered table.

Karuna and her daddy, Aaron, work together on her sculpture.
I then added more tools to the table, which Logan took to right away!
Karuna has recently discovered hand-prints. Whenever she has paint on her hands, she slaps them down on some paper and makes a print!
Austin paints with a horse on his clay.
Then he paints the horse!
Karuna and Austin make monoprints together.
As the children moved around, they began to look at the shelf for materials to work with. Austin asked if he could "scoop." I soon realized that he wanted to scoop a cup of collage materials, so I brought the collage bin to the table. Logan then asked for the glue, which he squeezed into a cup of collage materials.
He continued to squeeze this glue for quite a while!
More experiments with glue...

Hmmmm.... interesting.

I love watching the progression of the children's work throughout each class. In the beginning, they are quiet and focused on what's in front of them...
And by the end of class, they are moving around, gathering new materials, experimenting with paint and glue, working together, and still very focused!

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