Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Getting to know Clay

After two weeks of collage, the children are ready for a new 3-D art experience. They were each given a slab of clay and tools to work with. As you can see in this photo, they are all curious about these dense, pliable, cold lumps in front of them. Logan and Rogan were particularly interested in poking the clay with the tools and making "holes."

Austin immediately began to cut the clay, back and forth, with a knife-like tool.
Soon I brought out bowls of water and sponges for the children to use on their clay. They were excited about the water and repeatedly asked for more. When I gave them more water from my squeeze bottle, Logan asked to do it himself. Then I brought out two more bottles and offered them to the other kids. Of course they were all interested!

Eventually, I brought out the collage materials from the last two weeks and offered them to the children to use with their clay.

Off they go to the easels!
Rogan experiments with finger painting on the acrylic easel.
Logan is working out how to squeeze the water onto the easel.
A messy class is a successful class!

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